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Hello Priyanka

Priyanka Nair is a counselling psychologist BSc (Psych), BHsc Hons, MPsych (Couns.), MAPS and co-founder of ReCognize Psychology in Malvern. 

Hello Priyanka

Why did you get involved in Counselling  as a career path and means of support ? 

As someone who has always been drawn to people and stories, psychology seemed like a natural direction. Our internal world is formed by our experiences and history and how we make meaning of them, which then informs our reality. It fascinated me how speaking and language could literally shift our perception and brain activity!


What's your cultural background and what makes it stand out ? 

I'm a South Indian (Malayalee), born in Mumbai, grew up in New Zealand, and have spent my working life in Australia. I have a strong flavour of all these cultures within me, and I think it's what helps me connect with both the current generation of South-east Asians, as well as their parents. Being aware of the cultures across generations, within a Western context, means working with individuals and liaising with families becomes a little simpler.


What sort of individual challenges can you best support for clients ? 

I support clients through trauma, anxiety, relationship difficulties, and challenges with self-esteem. I enjoy working collaboratively with clients towards a space that feels helpful to them.


What are your areas of expertise and is there anything else you want to branch out into later ? 

My areas of interest are trauma, stress management, anxiety and interpersonal conflict. I have recently completed EMDR training, which is an effective treatment for PTSD, and want to continue to upskill in the trauma space. I also intend to do further professional development in womens' mental health, and perinatal psychology.


Something Fun ! 

What's the last show you watched / currently watching ? 

I just watched the Beckham documentary, which was super interesting! I'm also currently watching a Hindi TV show called 'Made in Heaven' which touches on a lot of taboo topics in the Indian community. Loving it so far :)

Get in touch with our South Asian mental health professionals 

If you'd like to get in contact with Priyanka please follow the links to ReCognize Psychology below. Please note Shakti Mental Health does not recommend or endorse any of the practitioners listed on the South Asian Mental Health professionals list. 

ReCognize Psychology services

1227 Malvern Road, Malvern Victoria 3144, Australia

(03) 9008 9908

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