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Shakti perspectives: Esan

The Divide.

Growing up, from our very birth, we obsess ourselves through the information fed through us by external sources. It has been said by various scientific doctrines and studies, that our nurture and nature define us beyond any figment of doubt. 

As the years passed, growing up from birth with a strong cultural yet culturally assimilated Australian background; I knew and came to understand diversity from a very young age. We had core values but were encouraged to develop our morality through our experiences that we wished to have. At times contentious, but I always believed that “victory favoured the brave.” From my closest friends growing up in primary and high school, through to my further tertiary and extra curricular activity days, I found the one similarity that I couldn’t comprehend. The divide.

A divide in the sense that we each identified within being readily and so easily defined by race, religion, colour, gender and nationality. We live in a day and age, where gender based issues by the politically left based populous have taken over in a very divisive manner; however if we utilised this divide and our accepted differences to educate ourselves, we would be naturally inclined to unite. Many therapy and recovery groups are based on the notion of “misery loves company” as a “burden shared is a burden no more.” However, we seek to contextualise these notions as humans to comfort us through divisive means; often in the ignorance and fear of those who define with different constructs than us.

The divide I felt, as I got older would smother as opposed to nurture ideas. Creativity would be one amazing channel whereby many people sought to express their disdain of the divide, through their experiences, to again, lessen the burden and increase the understanding. What I rarely see, however, are people being able to relate with their experiences in a manner surpassing the divide. When one side of the fence, looks over and sees, that the other side is precisely the same, it can puzzle people to inspire them to search more.

I believe, the key to absolving ourselves of this divide has been elicited through various religious methodologies and faiths, which encourage us to practice peace, love and compassion. Many great social and political leaders have also ratified pathways as such h to be able to overcome what appeared to be insurmountable positions they were in and had experienced.

However if history has taught us anything; is that is has a tendency to repeat itself. And these days, I encourage people, who advocate of their trials and tribulations, to perceive them as experiences that have pushed their comprehension and empathy to further stages. And to utilise these experiences; in a progressive fashion that can unite us all, irrespective and regardless of The Divide. 

For ultimately, we are all told we born and we die. For if we can have enough faith in believing external sources feeding us knowledge as such; we should easily be able to question and fathom the similarities within all of our experiences in the divide; which ultimately dissolves our fear, increases our understanding and makes us realise...that there really is, no divide at all.

My two cents 

Esan Pilai.

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