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Shakti Perspectives: Sunnie  

Mental health matters to me matters because I’ve suffered from it & I know that I’ve built a life for myself that doesn’t allow for it to be triggered anymore, therefore it’s possible for anyone. I have suffered from depression in the past & at that time it wasn’t talked about so openly so for me getting professional help was a big deal. That for me was the only thing that helped the most, talking to someone who is not part of your life brings a perspective that can help immensely & also make your mindset change to the way we have been programmed mentally & emotionally. My own self -care revolves around meditation on most days, as well as regular exercise, practising daily gratitude and learning how to say no to things.

Within the South Asian/ Australian community we need to ensure more conversations take place that discuss mental health, awareness needs to be raised among all generations not just the younger generations.

People talk about mental health in our culture but its very surface level, older generations aren’t necessarily going to understand because they haven’t had to deal with this as much, the younger generation those who aren’t affected by it don’t understand it. There needs to be more conversation around the types of mental health, the types of functioning and anxiety levels that people have, there is no right or wrong way that mental health can look, it needs more conversation, it needs to be brought to the forefront. Most people have the same issues, the same triggers because we have been brought up in such a similar way which is why it needs to be talked about so that people realise that we are not alone.

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