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Shakti Global perspectives: U.K

Shakti perspectives: Mayurie

Bindi Babe gives it's audience and Babe’s the opportunity to present themselves as they are - whatever that they wish to be, just as long a there is a strong will or at least aim to be inspirational! 

The diary is a set of stories with a variety of subjects and issues written in a style that aims to inform but also let readers embrace... I wrote with the intention to voice common and taboo subjects so to be inclusive, which is very much positive! The diary lets you read a subject widely heard from the perspective of a real South Asian!

The more I write the more I promote... 

There’s a real group of Babe’s who truly embrace the designs available in a style that is suited to them. There’s such a variety of opinions that all seem to be centred around the love for beauty and growth... everyone is excited to see each other’s looks and what is next.

There's not necessarily a stigma to rise to South Asian beauty standards It's completely up to the individual. But it will always go back to what's best for the individual! A strong and beautiful set of flowers will make for a strong and beautiful bunch 

Many Bindi babes promote positive beauty standards and positive mental health  by letting the wearer design and build their look, with the guidance and support knowingly available; show that there is a avenue to innovate - not only the accessory - and in-still confidence. My self-care revolves around hot Yoga, excessive dancing around my house, talking and listening to apps like ‘Calm’ to help relax the mind...

The third eye is the spiritual connotation relating to the Bindi 

so committing to educating Babe’s to pursue their journey geared toward self care and awareness of self is fitting.

The bindi reflects empowerment given when worn, speaks volumes. It’s the delicate design, attention to detail and way, that the Bindis at BB have on the Babe’s I meet and connect with

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