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Shakti Global perspectives: U.K

Shakti perspectives: Saath & founder Kajol 

Saath. was created by myself (Kajol Desai) when dealing with personal mental health issues and wanting to share the journey. Saath translates as together and the aim of the platform was always to create a community and open dialogue as seen by the latest series of "saathis speak" whereby different voices have shared their thoughts upon mental health, personal development and general wellbeing.

The aim is to raise awareness of mental health, cultivate mental strength and specifically offer tips and inspiration from personal journeys to support others. We reduce stigma within south asian communities but even more so for the Hindu community. I noticed there was not a lot, if any, Hindu specific conversation and as my journey to explore this aspect of identity has grown I have increasingly found a lot of wonderful concepts that can support with mental resilience wrapped within Hindu Dharma which has seen more recent times of saath beginning to unpack these universal lessons. 

Stigma is still very much pervading within our societies and I had the privilege of being able to study this further through my final year dissertation project which I recently completed upon attitudes towards mental health held by the "BAME" (Black Asian Minority Ethnic) people/communities. We now need to shift the conversation from mental ill health toward mental resilience, strength and fitness. COVID-19 has been abnormal to the common dialogue in that I've actually found myself really thriving as a result of lockdown.

I've had a lot more time to read, get immersed in online courses, watch content that uplifts, inspires and expands my mind. My advice to anyone would be the same, be mindful of what you are consuming this means your diet, the things you watch and listen to as well as who you engage with. All of these have a huge impact upon you and I feel often we don't think about this. Ensure that you are taking time to slow down and be at one with yourself, even if this is 5 minutes in the morning and 5 at night on the better days, get walking outside, get some fresh air and get your body moving! 

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Shakti perspectives: Saath


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