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Shakti perspectives: Roshan

Why do you believe some men aren't as comfortable discussing mental health?  

It's a combination of society and the perception that men aren't men if they show their emotions. 

for many many years men are taught to believe they are weak if they show their feelings, cry or seen as being venerable because its commonly known as a feminine and female trait. 

However, I like to believe that it is changing slowly. 

Have you had any personal battles or challenges with mental health? 

Yes of course. I'm human, not only have I had struggles with mental health but also depression and anxiety. However, I'm a different in the sense that Ive always expressed my emotions and allowed myself to show my feelings. I understand not every man is like that though due to cultural up bringing and societal exceptions  on men. 

What message of support would you give to other youth from a South Asian background who are experiencing mental health challenges? 

Don't ever be afraid to talk to someone and if their reaction isn't what you would like explain to them that emotions are genderless. "Just because I'm a man doesn't mean I don't hurt." - Roshan Nausad 

I always tell my south asian male friends who are more inclined to be more reserved about their emotions to have that one person in their life which they can express their emotions however they like because having people or persons in your life that are judgement free and are there to listen and support, are the real true friends that you should have in your life. not the ones who bring you down for opening up.

What supports you to be your best self?

Only having truthful, loyal, honest and caring friends and family friends. I am allowed to be myself not because they allow me to be, but because they love me the most when I'm just myself. and we respect each others personalities and differences and don't put them in a space where they ever have to feel like they are being judge so in turn they know they can feel safe and free. 

What more could be done to ensure mental health is taken seriously within the Aus/South Asian community?  

More education in schools and work places. Educating children in class rooms so they can go home and then educate their parents and family who have grown up with a different idea of what mental health is and make them more aware. Also have more free youth programs for children or young people or anyone. So they are able to go to a safe space and talk about their feelings and emotions or free mental health check ups for anyone. making more ad campaigns and showing that the affects can lead to bad things for an individual and more support is needed. 

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