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Shakti perspectives: Sakhi Saheli Inc.
We are Sakhi Saheli Inc. a not-for-profit organisation, founded by two girls; Nidhi and Isha. The idea of starting an organisation gives us a platform to action change within the society. Our organisation consists of weekly friendship club and monthly events. Planning is really fun and the results gives us so much joy. However, here is a little snippet of behind the scenes: late night meetings, arguments, opinions and personal life getting in the way.

The hurdles we have faced have resulted in emotional breakdowns, anger, anxiety and mood swings. However, that has not stopped us from achieving our goals. We tell ourselves, everyone has a low point, we support each other and work towards that success.

Our overall goal is to empower women and positively give back to the community.  We came up with this idea spontaneously in a car one day and did not realise the hurdles we would have to face. The journey of Sakhi Saheli is interesting, we have learnt from our struggles and have tried our best to manage work and life balance. Mental health plays a big role for both of us to keep the focus on the organisation. People tell us all the time ‘Don't mix business with family’ but we believe that we are each other's strength and we both will put our 100% to fix any problem that comes our way.

Just like mental health, recognise what’s happening, accept it, care for yourself and produce a self care plan which will aid in recovery. Both of us are still working progress, growing and learning every single day

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