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Shakti perspectives: Jagesh 

Part of Shakti’s aim is to address different issues that affect people in the South-East Asian community. These areas include family relationships, cultural identity and finding a balance. We hope that by sharing these experiences can create positive discussion.

Mental health has been an issue that I have dealt with for years. I just didn’t know how to talk about my experience or if what I was going through was even legitimate. Growing up, my parents, like others had many ups and downs. They would have months of getting along really well and then times when they wouldn’t speak to each other for months on end.
I remember my brother and I were ten years old and we used to hide in our room until our parents stopped shouting at each other. There was always an annual argument which took such a toll on us and our home life became so tense. It’s one of the reasons I try to get out of the house see friends, socialise, and just get out whenever I can.
Now they're communication is so much more effective then it was in the past. They are amazing parents, and always offer advice, support. They have taught me great values and want us to do what makes us happy.
It was draining thinking family relationships wouldn't change but having that talk has made us better for it.
Being a male, especially from a South Asian background meant that mental health was never discussed out in the open. It was always hidden from family, the community and even each other.. it was something that was kept to yourselfand meant to be dealt with in your own time. There were always more pressing issues such as good grades, finding a job or planning for the future. That’s why Shakti was created, so we could share stories and gain advocacy on an issue that has been shrouded and hidden in our society for so long but never discussed. I hope that this story and others that follow allow our audience to share their strength, share their Shakti. 

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