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Shakti perspectives: Sophia

Mental health has definitely become more of an open conversation over the last few years. It is powerful to see so many people talk about what they're going through so openly.
Exercising is not in our daily cultural routine but if we had a sport South Asians would excel in, it would be running our mouths.

I think culturally there's a pressure to put on a front that everything is perfect so no one can ever start talking you or your family. There's a fulfillment that aunties and the community get from belittling others. I guess I get it though they grow up not getting to be themselves because they're stuck with the same pressures to be perfect.
For the generation who are born here, we grow up dealing with balancing our two identities, The one you are at school and the good brown kid when you come home. We always end up not being Aussie enough for the kids at school and being too Aussie for the community.

Trying to constantly switch between the two characters while trying to figure out who you are can take a toll on your mental health. It took me a while but over the years I managed to merge my two identities together and found the perfect balance of I'm going to be myself while staying respectful to my parents and family. People are always going to talk. I love seeing this next generation of south Asians coming together and supporting each other through their creative outlets. We're finally breaking the barriers and not judging each other. Together we are stronger.

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