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Uplift and Changemakers project

The Uplift and Changemakers project aims to build the capacity of international students by improving their connection to local capacity-building opportunities and improving their physical and mental well-being. The project consists of a series of workshops for international students. Each workshop will include the support of culturally trained mental health professionals who will empower international students by providing wellbeing support through community wellbeing discussions.


We are currently recruiting for international students to join our co-design group that will co-design our workshops and take part in capacity building training. Fill out the EOI here. 

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Arrokiyam = the Tamil word for wellbeing. This project looked to uplift the mental health literacy of young people from Tamil, South Indian, Sri Lankan and Sinhala backgrounds. The project was funded via Vic Health for their 'Future Healthy' initiative and was co-designed by young people from Tamil, South Indian, Sri Lankan and Sinhala backgrounds. 

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All gendered wellbeing discussion

Shakti mental health 'All gendered wellbeing discussions' will give South Asians from all diverse genders and backgrounds the opportunity to come together in a safe and welcoming space to discuss challenges, issues and support structures for mental health on a monthly basis. 

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South Asian mens wellbeing discussions

Our South Asian mens wellbeing discussions give men the opportunity to discuss mental health and wellbeing challenges/needs on a monthly basis. Each month features a different topic wellbeing topic with our facilitator. Mens discussions will recommence early 2024. Click the link to find out what we've achieved from previous mens discussions. 

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